Registration & Login

How do I get an invitation to

To receive an invitation, please contact your deal signing Warner Chappell office and a representative will ask for your email address and preferred language.

How do I register for the Portal, once I have supplied my email address?

We will send an invitation to your email address. Please follow the instructions on the email and the registration screens.

Can you re-send the invitation?

Please contact your deal signing Warner Chappell office and a representative will ensure the invitation is re-sent to the email address you provided.

After registration how do I log in to

You can log in from two locations:

What should I do if I cannot log in?

If you have trouble logging in, review these items:

  • User Name: This is the email address used on the registration screen (e.g. as
  • Password: This is case sensitive, so if you capitalized a letter when you registered you will need to do so to log in (e.g., pasSwoRd).
  • Confirm Registration: During registration you should have received an email that requested you confirm your account. Please ensure that you have completed the Account Setup via the "CONFIRM EMAIL" button.

If you have encountered an error (e.g. as Something went wrong), please try one of the following steps:

  • Click on this link or directly type into your web browser to refresh your log in screen and try to log in again.
  • Reset your password from the log in screen.

If error persists, kindly contact your deal signing Warner Chappell office or email us at

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, use the Reset Password link on the log in screen and then follow the instructions.